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Spray Paintings

The combination of spray paint, egg-tempera and pigments gives each work unique texture, blurring the lines between traditional painting and graffiti art.
This is a field of his art I will continue to explore and expand as I continue my journey.

Insect Series

Bugs, insects and arachnids are all fascinating, colourful,

beautiful and terrible. From spreading deadly diseases to be vital pollinators,

they are necessary for human existence despite their contrasts.

Endangered Species Series

Inspired by WWF’s endangered species list. I made 15 works, I could have done hundreds.

Sadly, too many animals are on the brink of extinction.

This is my somewhat colorful protest against idiot trophy hunting and all

other stupid traditional/cultural excuses to chop off shark fins or make ashtrays out of gorilla hands.

Lifjell Series

Japanese Master Hokusai inspired me making this new series of spray paintings.

Every painted story in this series takes place in the beautiful and magical mountains of Lifjell, Telemark.

Selection of works

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