March 18, 2020



Conformity and organic structure



From the Latin word abstractus, meaning "drawn away". Drawn away from
the "real" and "concrete". But what is real, what is concrete?

My new Abstraction series deals with many things such as various shapes,
rigid and free forms, surprising perspectives, monochrome colors, rich
colors and tangible organic shapes and materials, there are reliefs and layers.

This Abstraction series can be political, spiritual, sensible, or
something else entirely. It is your choice, but only if you like or
believe it to be so. My art never comes with a users manual. This is not Lego.

See, feel and try to figure out the figures, shapes and colors.  Some
are broken, others disrupted, or formal and conformed. This is where the
subtle beauty lies – in the colors and gradients, contrasts and

Sometimes we need to draw away to see what things really are.

Abstract Art

Abstractions - Act 1. 



Inspired by the Master Hieronymus Bosch

Perpetual Creater.jpg
Perpetual Creater.jpg


He was the Master of the surreal, and Hieronymus Bosch still remains the
first and greatest surrealist of all time.
His works are like an endless, deep and mysterious cavern - at times
well beyond the human realm. Little is known of Bosch and about his life
because he did not write anything down.

He is an enigma and this echoes resoundingly through his works. I would
never attempt to copy Bosch. That would be a pure idiocy. Rather, I let
his works inspire me, guide me, and lead me to somewhere I might have
never discovered. 

Through my Bosch Art Series, I am exploring and commenting through my
own perception, the zeitgeist, giving my imagination and knowledge full
freedom. My generous muse can do with me as she pleases.

Even though the works in this series are far from finished and the
complexity and amount of time it will take me is monumental, I'm
enjoying every bit of the journey.

Join me on my fantastic journey accompanied by the Master Hieronymus
Bosch on one shoulder and my devoted muse on the other.